Bli kjent med relaterte prosjekter om pluss energi

Sammen kan vi gjøre mer: Partnerskap gir oss mulighet til å møte felles utfordringer på en mer effektiv måte. Bærekraft og tiltak mot klimaendringene krever mobilisering av et bredt spekter av aktører, ressurser og idéer, samt samarbeid mellom EU-prosjekter og programmer. Syn.ikia samhandler med en rekke prosjekter på nasjonalt og europeisk nivå for å øke andelen bærekraftige plussenergi-nabolag og slik maksimere vår innvirkning på miljøet og samfunnet.

Sister projects

Projects that are funded under the same H2020 call on New developments in plus energy houses (IA).





EXCESS merges technical concepts for Positive Energy Buildings with new opportunities for the production of renewable energy and self-consumption, as...

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The Cultural-E goal is going a step beyond Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEBs) towards the future of Plus Energy Buildings...

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Project under the same host organization (NTNU) with a common vision and values, funded by the Research Council of Norway.


ARV is a Horizon 2020 EU-funded project part of the EU Green Deal goal to build and renovate in an...

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The ZEN Research Centre conducts research on zero emission neighbourhoods (ZEN) in smart cities. Their goal is to develop solutions...

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Urban Level

Projects providing research, development and innovation on Plus Energy Neighbourhoods as part of a wider city strategy.


ATELIER is a smart city project that demonstrates Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) within 8 European cities with sustainability and carbon...

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Making City

MAKING CITY aims to address and demonstrate the urban energy system transformation towards smart and low-carbon cities, based on the...

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POCITYF is a smart city project that will help historical cities to become greener, smarter and more livable while respecting...

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SPARCS is a smart city project working to create a network of Sustainable energy Positive & zero cARbon CommunitieS in...

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City Exchange


+CityxChange will introduce strategies that will foster the uptake of Positive Energy Blocks (PEBs) at urban level. In particular, the...

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District Level

Projects providing research, development and innovation on Plus Energy Neighbourhoods.


ENTRAIN wants to encourage the adoption of a systematic and efficient energy planning able to reduce the local carbon footprint,...

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The ebalance-plus project aims to increase and predict the available energy flexibility of distribution grids and increase grid resilience. This...

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SMARTEES is a transdisciplinary research project which aims to support the energy transition and improve policy design by developing alternative...

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AREA 21+

AREA 21 and the follow-up project AREA 21 + action aim to provide local authorities, energy agencies and other institutions...

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Annex 83 – Positive Energy Districts

The aim of Annex 83 is developing an in-depth definition of PED and the technologies, planning tools and planning and...

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The project will train 15 students using an innovative doctoral training programme that incorporates deep training in their individual subjects,...

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The overall objective of WEDISTRICT is to demonstrate DHC as an integrated solution that exploits the combination of RES, thermal...

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EERA JP Smart Cities

In EERA JP Smart Cities, universities and research institutes from across Europe cooperate with industry, cities and citizens to support...

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Building Level

Projects providing research, development and innovation on Plus Energy Buildings.


The StepUP project is developing new technologies and solutions to make building renovation more attractive and affordable. To achieve this,...

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RenoZEB aims to unlock the nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) renovation market by increasing property value through a new systemic...

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SABINA aims to develop new technology and financial models to connect, control and actively manage generation and storage assets to...

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RECO2ST addresses the challenges of nZEB refurbishment through a systemic 3 step approach: Initially a Refurbishment Assessment Tool (RAT) will...

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The main objective of the REZBUILD project is to develop one refurbishment ecosystem based on the integration of cost-effective technologies,...

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NERO develops and demonstrates technical solutions, which significantly reduce the costs of new nearly Zero-Energy Wooden Buildings and districts compared...

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Other decarbonisation projects

Projects providing research, development and innovation on the decarbonisation of the built environment.


HOUSEFUL proposes an innovative paradigm shift towards a circular economy for the housing sector. The main goal is to develop...

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HEART is a multifunctional retrofit toolkit within which different subcomponents – ICT, BEMS, HVAC, BIPV and Envelope Technologies – cooperate...

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TripleA-reno will focus on following market barriers for deep renovation: 1The renovation market is top-down and supply-driven, with a mismatch...

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CINELDI enables a cost-efficient realisation of the future flexible and robust electricity distribution system by developing new concepts, technologies and...

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The overall goal of the TRI-HP project is the development and demonstration of flexible energy-efficient and affordable trigeneration systems. The...

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M-BENEFITS aims at including the multiple benefits of energy efficiency in investment decisions of companies and thereby substantially increasing the...

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RESPOND aims at deploying and demonstrating an interoperable, cost effective, user centred solution, entailing energy automation, control and monitoring tools,...

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Concluded project that have left an important legacy for the research, development and innovation on Plus Energy Neighbourhoods.

Solar Energy in Urban Planning

The main objective is to support urban planners, authorities and architects to achieve architectural integration of solar energy solutions (active...

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CenSES was a national research centre for environmentally friendly energy (FME Community). CenSES was established in 2011 and lastet until...

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The project aimed at closing the identified gaps by five central research innovations: 1) data gathering on energy savings and...

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SET-Nav supported strategic decision making in Europe’s energy sector, enhancing innovation towards a clean, secure and efficient energy system. The...

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Our current electrical infrastructure face several challenges in the coming years, one being a greater share of renewable energies, another...

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ECHOES was a multi-disciplinary research project providing policy makers with comprehensive information, data, and policy-ready recommendations about the successful implementation...

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FLEXCoop equiped energy cooperatives with innovative tools to exploit consumers' flexibility as dynamic Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) providing balancing and...

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iBROAD explored, designed, developed and demonstrated the concept of individual building renovation roadmaps (iBROAD), as a tool outlining deep step-by-step...

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MEDNICE was an umbrella project on energy efficiency of public buildings in the Mediterranean area, covering 13 countries from Portugal...

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INCITE (Innovative controls for renewable source integration into smart energy systems) is Marie Sklodowska-Curie European Training Network (ITN-ETN) funded by...

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