Related projects on Positive Energy Neighbourhoods and Buildings

Together we can do more: partnerships allow us to deliver more effective responses to common challenges. Sustainability and resilience against climate change requires of the mobilisation of a wide range of stakeholders, resources and ideas, as well as collaboration between EU projects and programmes. To increase the share of Sustainable Plus Energy Neighbourhoods across Europe, syn.ikia interacts with a number of projects at national and European level to maximise our impact on the environment and society.

Sister projects

Projects that are funded under the same H2020 call on New developments in plus energy houses (IA).



EXCESS merges technical concepts for Positive Energy Buildings with new opportunities for the production of renewable energy and self-consumption, as...

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The Cultural-E goal is going a step beyond Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEBs) towards the future of Plus Energy Buildings...

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Projects under the same host organization (NTNU) with a common vision and values, funded by the Research Council of Norway.


ARV is a Horizon 2020 EU-funded project part of the EU Green Deal goal to build and renovate in an...

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The ZEN Research Centre conducts research on zero emission neighbourhoods (ZEN) in smart cities. Their goal is to develop solutions...

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Other relevant initiatives

Annex 83 – Positive Energy Districts

The aim of Annex 83 is developing an in-depth definition of PED and the technologies, planning tools and planning and...

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