22 August 2023

Workshop | Exploring Green Finance Strategies for Positive Energy Neighbourhoods

Leading experts and stakeholders in the sustainable construction and finance sectors are set to convene for an insightful workshop titled “Green Finance for Positive Energy Neighbourhoods”...

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11 July 2023

Our newsletter summer edition 2023

We are now in the fourth year of the project which marks the demonstration and documentation of scalable solutions for Sustainable Plus Energy Neighbourhoods (SPENs)...

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19 June 2023

Key takeaways from workshop on resident engagement practices during the ISHF 2023

Involving residents in energy efficient social housing projects can be challenging. Lack of motivation, a general distrust towards institutions and miscommunication are issues that may...

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30 May 2023

Policy recommendations​ for sustainable plus energy neighbourhoods​ and buildings

The syn.ikia factsheets provide an overview of existing gaps and barriers in the development and market uptake of SPENs, and provides policy recommendations for 4...

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20 April 2023

Renovation for plus energy neighbourhoods meets social housing in Salzburg

On the 19-21 of April, 13 syn.ikia consortium partners will come together in Salzburg, the home of the Austrian Sustainable Plus Energy Neighbourhood (SPEN) pilot...

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2 March 2023

When sustainability is not only about the green transition, but also about ensuring the well-being of residents

If you are not a researcher working on the topic of energy efficiency, Sustainable Plus Energy Neighbourhoods (SPEN) probably does not mean much to you,...

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20 February 2023

Understanding Positive Energy Buildings and Neighbourhoods – towards a common definition

Positive Energy Buildings (PEBs) represent a step forward from Net Zero Energy Buildings. In particular, they shall contribute by decarbonizing the built environment, including surrounding buildings, exchanging energy among them...

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20 December 2022

Newsletter – winter edition 2022

Another year is coming to an end, and for many it’s a bittersweet time. Let us slow down for a moment and take a look...

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13 December 2022

The first podcast episode dedicated to syn.ikia

For those interested in understanding more than just the technical aspects of syn.ikia, we have good news: our first podcast is now available!

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22 November 2022

SPENs are becoming a point of reference in social sustainability and energy efficiency

The Renovation Summit brought together representatives from social and affordable housing, tenants, construction and energy companies, trade unions, and EU policymakers and funding institutions to...

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