HÖ is an Austrian non-profit property developer and was founded 1951. HÖ has an annual building volume of app. 90 million euros and employs 153 persons. HÖ is mainly active in Salzburg, but has also an office in Vienna. HÖ won different prices (e.g. energy globe, klimaaktiv) for many reference projects as for example Samer Mösl (Salzburg), Zero Carbon Building (Niederalm), Fachhochschule + Studentenwohnheim (Puch-Urstein), Baldehofstrasse (Salzburg). HÖ will use 2 L3P (ECA and SIR).

Contribution to tasks in the project:

  • Responsible for the implementation of the demo case in the continental climate.
  • Coordination of all relevant local stakeholders (architects, planners, city of Salzburg).
  • Implementation of the developed concepts under consideration of the local framework conditions (legal requirements, costs, stakeholders).

More about:

Heimat Österreich (HÖ)

Energy Consulting Austria (ECA)

Salzburger Institut für Raumordnung und Wohnen (SIR)


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