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Dear friends and colleagues,

It’s already summer and we are completing a 18-month milestone of engaged and inspiring work on the large-scale deployment of Sustainable Plus Energy Neighbourhoods (SPEN).

The policy framework impacting SPENs is an ongoing and dynamic process. The Clean Energy Package, the Renovation Wave including the European Bauhaus initiative and the European Green Deal play a central and supportive role in this. Our report on barriers and opportunities of plus-energy neighbourhoods gives a snapshot of the current state of the existing legislative landscape, relevant to the development of SPENs and suggests a strong political will.

With the addition of our new partners in Salzburg, we expand our capacity to realize SPENs in continental climate. The construction of a plus energy residential quarter aligned with syn.ikia’s concept and methodology will upgrade the entire Salzburg district of Gneis through an integrated construction project focusing on energy, accessibility, mobility, climate change adaptation and social-planning concepts.

In each of the four demo neighbourhoods, with syn.ikia’s evaluation framework, we assess and ensure that technical concerns related to environmental and energy performance of the buildings are addressed from the early stages of the design process until the operational phase. Our upcoming report on design and performance prediction of the syn.ikia demonstration projects will share comprehensive results of integrated energy and future proof design.

As every neighbourhood develops its own identity, we are launching our SPEN community to connect people, share experiences, inspire and co-create sustainable places with respect to the users and the environmental challenges. We believe together we can do more.

Happy summer holidays!


The syn.ikia Coordinator
Niki Gaitani, NTNU

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