Demo Neighbourhood Norway

The Norwegian demo case is a new development in Oslo, representing a cold climate. It has circular shape that emphasises the social issues of sustainable neighbourhoods like sharing of spaces, functions, energy, and infrastructure. As such, the project has high symbolic value in showing the importance of community issues in neighbourhood developments.

Developer | Obos nye hjem
  • Cooperative Housing
  • New construction
144 Housing units
  • Gross area (housing): 12.730 m²
  • Common area: 160 m²
  • Basement: 5.200 m²
  • Floors: 4 + 1
  • Courtyard: 3000 m²
  • Car parking: 80 units
  • Bicycle parking: 400 units
  • High efficient solar panels
  • District heating
  • Ventilation system with heath recovery
  • Passive House
  • Smart charging of EV and battery storage
  • Smart house technology.
  • Breeam certified
  • Low carbon design.
  • Shared spaces.
  • Technical IT platform to initiate activities to create a vibrant neighbourhood.
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