Loopkanstraat, Uden

Dutch demo neighbourhood

The new built development includes a total of 39 social housing dwellings – 24 managed by Area Wonen, and 16 by
Labyrint zorg & werk for people with special needs.

Developed by:

Neighbourhood approach

Photovoltaic production in the neighbourhood and EV charging stations are considered in the simulations of the demo. The ‘social beautiful’ concept has brought together social housing by Area, the municipality of Uden, social care by Labyrint and the developer Hendriks Coppelmans.

A group of tenant ambassadors were identified in the design phase to lead community building activities and create a dynamic social environment. They will also be responsible for raising awareness and guiding the community about the SPEN concept.

Demo neighbourhood The Netherlands
Passive systems
  • thermal insulation of floor roof, outer walls;
  • triple glazing;
  • and airtight building.
Active systems
  • individual ground source heat pumps for space heating and domestic hot water;
  • radiant floor heating;
  • mechanical exhaust ventilation with CO2 -sensors;
  • and 190 PV panels on the roof.
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