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Established in 1988, Housing Europe is the European Federation of Public, Cooperative & Social Housing – a network of 43 national and regional federations which together gather about 43.000 public, social and cooperative housing providers in 23 countries. Altogether, they manage over 26 million homes, about 11% of existing dwellings in the EU. Social, public and co-operative housing providers have a vision of a Europe which provides access to decent and affordable housing for all in communities which are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable and where everyone is enabled to reach their full potential. For Housing Europe, the priority of the European Union and its member states in the field of sustainability, energy and climate in the next decade should be to develop a positive business environment for the reduction of energy consumption in the housing sector, with a specific attention paid to the affordable housing sector.

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Sébastien Garnier 

Innovation and Project Manager 

Sébastien has been working for almost ten years in the social and affordable housing sector. First as advisor in the Financial and Public Affairs departments of Aedes – the Dutch federation of social housing providers and its 300 members. He was later responsible for managing the European affairs for the Brussels office of Aedes during six years. During three years he was chair of the Social Affairs working committee of Housing Europe. He has been actively involved in the Housing Partnership of the EU Urban Agenda and the International Social Housing Festival. Besides his part-time function at Housing Europe, Sébastien also provides advisory services as managing director of AxHA.


Clara Mafé

Junior Project Manager

Clara has recently joined the Housing Europe team as Junior Project Manager to support the public, cooperative & social housing sector in Europe in a social energy transition towards carbon neutrality through the management of Research and Innovation projects. Her main focus is on the syn.Ikia project as a central pillar of Housing Europe’s initiative for a more social EU Green Deal: “Our Homes, Our Deal”. She will also be providing support across our different projects. Clara has previously worked for the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) on the development of innovative and citizen-centred solutions in urban areas for more inclusivity and liveability for people. Before that Clara graduated in Economics in Spain and majored in Urban Planning in the UK.

In syn.ikia Clara is the main contact point for the effective communication and dissemination of the project externally, as well as coordinating the stakeholder engagement processes. 


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