The syn.ikia concept relies on the premise that a cost reduction can only be achieved by an integrated approach, taking into account both the building and the neighbourhood levels, as well as user behaviour and well-being.

To achieve large-scale implementation of Sustainable Plus Energy Neighbourhoods, syn.ikia operates at 3 levels:

  • the Building Level.

  • the Neighbourhood Level. 

  • the European Level.

On the Building level, the plus energy buildings of syn.ikia will be designed and constructed using validated and highly energy-efficient technologies and solutions (TRL 5-9), with a special emphasis on providing added values of flexibility and user comfort.

We will also have a special emphasis on the Bridge between the single building level and the neighbourhood level, to ensure integration of systems and components for optimum performance and cost effectiveness on all levels.

On the Bridge and Neighbourhood levels, we will develop and employ new and innovative strategies for optimalisation and management of the buildings and energy systems of neighbourhoods (TRL 5-7). The syn.ikia team will create energy flexible neighbourhoods that manage the buildings and the onsite and nearby distributed energy resources (DER) according to local climate conditions, user needs, and grid constraints and prices. Flexibility is embedded in both the local and the neighbourhood scale thermal and electric systems, and in the interplay between them.

On the European level, we will work with different solutions for scaling up the strategies and technologies developed and tested in the project, addressing regulations, standards, policy measures, innovation management, exploitation, business models, dissemination, communication, and stakeholder engagement (TRL 5-9).

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