[Workshop] Resident engagement practices in energy efficient social housing

Join us for a workshop on resident engagement during this year’s International Social Housing Festival (ISHF) in Barcelona! The workshop is organized in collaboration with the ARV project and will address resident engagement practices and tools in energy efficient social housing projects.

This year, the festival will address challenges in mature and emerging housing systems in the Mediterranean region. Both ARV and syn.ikia have demonstration projects involving public social housing in Spain, situated in Palma in Mallorca and Santa Coloma de Gramenet in Catalunya. Although they are at different stages of development, the projects share key socio-economic features and environmental ambitions. One is still in the construction phase and has not yet involved residents, while the other is well developed and has involved different types of residents in various ways.

The two cases will be our point of departure to explore common challenges and tools related to resident engagement in social housing. How do we identify who to engage? What are their motivations? What are the best participation tools to use?

By identifying common challenges and tested resident engagement models, our workshop will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience with resident engagement.


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Time slot: 12:40-14:00

Moderator: Clara Mafé, Innovation and Project Officer at Housing Europe

12:40-12:50: Introduction to the syn.ikia project & the demo case in Santa Coloma de Gramenet – Carles Mas, Project Coordinator, Incasòl

12:50-13:00: Introduction to the ARV project & planning citizen engagement activities – identifying & reaching target groups – Caroline Cheng, Senior Researcher at SINTEF

13:00-13:10: Resident engagement practices in social housing in the Llevante Innovation District, Palma – Marta Nicolau Prohens, Social Educator, at Palma City Council

13:10-13:20: Resident engagement in three retrofitting H2020 projects: HOUSEFUL, 4RinEU, Plug-n-Harvest – Anna Mestre, External Action Manager, Catalan Housing Agency (AHC)

13:20-13:50: Co-creation exercise: How do we ensure successful engagement with residents in social housing projects?

In groups, we will work with three questions on how to identify target groups, participation tools and choosing the right channels for engagement. We will analyze together what works and what doesn’t, sharing knowledge and experiences that everyone present will be able to benefit from.


About the International Social Housing Festival 2023

International Social Housing Festival 2023 will take place in Barcelona, Spain, on June 7-9. It is the fourth of its kind and organized by Barcelona City Council, Fira De Barcelona and Housing Europe. The 2023 edition of International Social Housing Festival (ISHF) explores housing policy innovation to address challenges in mature and emerging housing systems. The festival highlights the role of social, public and co-operative housing in achieving socially and ecologically sustainable living in our cities now and in the future.

International housing community – housing practitioners, policymakers, architects, researchers and tenants – is welcomed to take part in this critical conversation, ask questions and find answers together.

A range of Spanish and international partners will come together to provide a variety of seminars, site visits and workshops exploring both policy and practice of putting people first.

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