Syn.ikia’s concept relies on the interplay between novel technologies at the neighbourhood scale, energy efficiency & flexibility of the buildings, good architectural & spatial qualities, housing affordability and citizen engagement.

A Positive Energy Building produces at least as much renewable energy as it uses in a year, when accounted at the source. Source energy refers to the primary energy used to generate and deliver energy to the site.

In a Sustainable Plus Energy Neighbourhood, the geographical boundary is expanded to the entire site of the neighbourhood and includes Local Storage and Energy Supply Units. Users, buildings and technical systems are all connected via the neighbourhood digital cloud (HUB).

Sustainable Plus Energy Neighbourhoods involve a strong focus on:

  • Cost efficiency
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Occupant satisfaction
  • Social factors: co-use, shared services and infrastructure
  • Power performance: peak shaving, flexibility, self consumption
  • Green house gas emissions
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