Symbolic handover marks topping out of Loopkantstraat apartments in Uden

The construction of 39 apartments located at Loopkantstraat in Uden has reached its highest point. On Friday, 24 September, former site residents Bart Hendriks and Ageet Reith were joined by three future occupants to raise a flag in celebration. The developer is Hendriks Coppelmans Bouwgroep, which is carrying out the building work on Area’s instructions. This exceptional project is the first to incorporate the concept of ‘Maatschappelijk Mooi’, which brings together housing, work and social care. Construction began in December 2020 and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2022.

From the past to the future
The raising of the flag symbolised the former residents handing the site over to its future occupants. The plot was previously occupied by not only Hendriks Coppelmans Bouwgroep’s business premises but also the parental home of former general manager Bart Hendriks. Bart: “I think it’s fantastic that people are now coming to live where I grew up with my sister Ageet, making it their new home.”

A remarkable building
The building is very well insulated and is fitted with a sustainable ventilation system, underfloor heating, solar panels and a heat pump system. Hardly unusual these days, but what makes this building remarkable is that the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is placing multiple sensors in the homes. These will be used to investigate the most efficient way of using locally generated energy, revealing, for instance, when it is best to heat tap water. TNO will also be able to adjust the heat pump settings, based on when local energy (including solar energy) is expected to be available. Residents will be actively involved in this so that they continue to feel comfortable in their energy-neutral homes.

“We are proud to be constructing – with the support of TNO and the Syn.ikia project team – one of the first buildings to be a ‘Sustainable Plus Energy Neighbourhood’ in Europe,” said Jan van Vucht of Area.

A unique collaboration
In our society, the demands made on human capital are increasing, even when additional care needs are involved. In a unique collaboration with Area, Labyrint Zorg & Werk, Laverhof and the Municipality of Uden, Hendriks Coppelmans has developed a concept that responds to this development: Maatschappelijk Mooi. Its core ingredients are affordable housing, a pleasant working environment and the provision of various district services, all coming together on one site. Fifteen apartments will be rented to clients of Labyrint Zorg & Werk, which will provide services to them too. The residents of the 15 apartments will also be supported by the occupants of the other apartments. Three future residents attended the milestone celebration, helping to raise the flag to the highest point. Laverhof and companies in the area will be involved in developing meaningful daytime occupation for these residents.

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