syn.ikia Austrian demo wins the State Prize for Architecture and Sustainability 2024

Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler awarded the State Prize for Architecture and Sustainability 2024 to three outstanding projects for their exceptional achievements in the field of sustainable construction and renovation. The awards went to the refurbishment and extension of the Wien Museum, the refurbishment and extension of the Wir InHAUSer residential complex in the city of Salzburg, part of the syn.ikia project,  and the revitalization of the old town of Hohenems in Vorarlberg. This year’s award winners were announced on June 25 at a ceremony at the Erste Bank Campus in Vienna. 83 projects were submitted for this year’s State Prize for Architecture and Sustainability.

In addition to the architectural analysis, the klimaaktiv standard for sustainable construction and renovation forms the basis for the qualitative assessment of the submitted projects. The most important criteria for this seal of quality, which is probably the most demanding in Europe in terms of climate protection, include location and infrastructure, energy and supply, building materials and construction as well as comfort and indoor air quality.

Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler congratulated the participating architects and specialist planners as well as the clients of the three prize-winning buildings and the other seven nominees: “All of the State Prize buildings clearly show that climate-friendly, energy-efficient and resource-saving planning, construction and refurbishment are now an integral part of domestic construction and refurbishment projects. Austrian architecture and planning offices are thus taking important steps towards climate neutrality. I am impressed by the outstanding quality of the submissions.”

Renovation and extension of residential complex Wir InHAUSer, Salzburg

Client: Heimat Österreich gemeinnützige Wohnungs- und Siedlungsgesellschaft m.b.H.
Architect: cs-architektur with Arch. Stijn Nagels
Specialist planning: SIR Salzburg Intitut for spatial planning and housing, Bauphysik Team Zwittlinger & Staffl Engineering OG; TB Stampfer (HVAC, electrical planning); Ebster Bau GmbH; Marius Consult (structural engineering); Peter Aicher (open space planning)

At the beginning of the renovation project, the windows of the apartment building were leaking, the balconies were run-down, and the heating costs were exorbitantly high. Instead of a traditional refurbishment, the decision was made to continue building in a way that conserved resources, starting with a research project by the Salzburg Institute for Spatial Planning and Housing (SIR). During the subsequent revitalization, the housing stock was converted and extended from 75 to 99 apartments. Behind the extension is a timber hybrid construction with load-bearing KLH walls, timber slatted façade and wood wool cellulose insulation. The building is heated using pellets, a heat pump and heat recovery from the wastewater of the people living here. The old silhouette was deliberately retained as a symbolic reference for further construction.

Congratulations to our partners!

Learn more about the Austrian demo project here.🏘️

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