Our newsletter winter edition - 2024

Dear friends and colleagues,

In this rich edition we showcase the potential of sustainable plus energy neighbourhoods (SPENs) in Norway, Spain, Austria and the Netherlands, while providing a wealth of fundamental reports, guidelines, innovative processes and tools. We invite you to delve into our real-life projects and learn more about integrated energy design at the neighbourhood scale (IEDN).

In addition, we present the Commissioning Framework for SPEN, a systematic process for ensuring that neighbourhoods perform according to their design intent and meet the plus requirements from project initiation and design, and throughout the planning, construction and use phases. Such process aims at achieving increased energy efficiency, reduced operating costs, improved indoor environmental quality, enhanced asset longevity, and better maintainability and reliability.

How innovative financing schemes can support collaborative energy initiatives under SPENs and ensure inclusion and wider participation in implementation? Partners have developed a thorough overview of funding opportunities and a strategy for connecting them with syn.ikia’s innovations and investors.

Additionally, a detailed techno-economic analysis for syn.ikia exhibitors, provides insights into potential revenue sources, value capture opportunities and financial strategies related to SPEN business models.

Enjoy the read and stay tuned for more.

The syn.ikia Coordinator
Niki Gaitani, NTNU

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