Demo Neighbourhood The Netherlands

The Dutch demo case is located in Loopkanstraat, Uden, a typical mid-size town in the Netherlands representing a marine climate. It includes the construction of new add-ons to existing buildings and with syn.ikia’s strategy, the neighbourhood will reach the plus energy standards. This can be replicated in similar neighbourhoods in the Netherlands and other comparable contexts in Europe.

Developer | AREA Wonen
  • Social Housing
  • Renovation
39 Housing units
  • 15 apartments 50 m²
  • Floors: 3
  • 24 apartments: 75 m²
  • Plot area: 3860 m²
  • Usable floor area 2 550 m²
  • Solar panels.
  • Ground source heat pump.
  • Triple glazing.
  • Airtight building.
  • Radiant floor heating.
  • Integrating sensors (HVAC) allowing smart controls and diagnostics.
  • The usage of so-called digital twins of buildings for optimising buildings’ performance.
  • Load balancing at building level.
  • Load balancing at neighbourhood level.
  • Users’ satisfaction by a new methodology to involve tenants.
  • Performance guarantee within the lifecycle for energy reduction and IEQ.
  • Performance checks during design, commissioning.
  • Use phase by a digital twin of the dwelling.
Demo neighbourhood The Netherlands
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