Demo Neighbourhood Austria

The Austrian demo case is located in the Geneis District of Salzburg, an alpine town in Austria representing a continental climate. The construction of a plus energy residential quarter will upgrade the entire neighbourhood through an integrated construction project focusing on energy, accessibility, mobility, climate change adaptation and social-planning concepts.

Developer | Heimat Österreich
  • Social Housing
  • New built and renovation
230 Housing units
  • Kindergarten
  • Number of new buildings: 16
  • New built area: 28.400 m
  • Heated floor area: 24.200 m2
  • Renovated area: 80.000 m2
  • Insulating material of building envelope, airtight windows.
  • Biomass.
  • PV power plant, Solar thermal roof system, GSHP ground source heat pump on site for heating.
  • Energy monitoring systems, production, consumption & IEQ control systems, energy storage options ( EV etc.).
  • Smart house technology (production, consumption & IEQ)
  • Heating and cooling with renewable energy in combination of PV, thermal solar energy and environmental energy (water from a near river (Almkanal) in combination with a heat pump).
  • Low temperature micro net.
  • Renovation incentives.
  • social sustainability, tenant involvement/participation, participatory development of an autonomous energy community.
  • Participatory design tools and methods.
  • User behaviour assessment and optimisation.
  • Data sharing, user-centred M&E.
  • Demand-side management.
  • Energy peak shaving as a result of dynamic energy modelling.
  • Sustainable mobility concepts (electric car sharing, bicycles and accompanying motivation work).
  • Green roofs and consideration of aspects of climate change adaptation.
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