Demo Neighbourhood Austria

The Austrian demo case is located in the Geneis District of Salzburg, an alpine town in Austria representing a continental climate. The construction of a plus energy residential quarter will upgrade the entire neighbourhood through an integrated construction project focusing on energy, accessibility, mobility, climate change adaptation and social-planning concepts. The handover to the tenants took place in July 2022.

Neighbourhood approach and social commitment

Caritas together with a highly motivated +55-year-old community group “Wohngruppe Silberstreif” are shaping the neighbourhood’s atmosphere. The social housing provider offers advice and consulting services about energy use and home renovation and is working together with residents to set up a self-sufficient energy community.

The premises will also include facilities such as a kindergarten, doctor, café, co-working spaces, common rooms and special assistance rooms.

Developer | Heimat Österreich
250 Housing units
  • Kindergarten
  • Number of new buildings: 16
  • New built area: 28.400 m
  • Heated floor area: 24.200 m2
  • Renovated area: 80.000 m2
Passive systems
  • Optimised insulated building envelope,
  • triple glazing and airtight building.
Active systems
  • Photovoltaic power plant;
  • heat pumps for ground source and waste water for heating and domestic hot water;
  • mechanical exhaust air ventilation.
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