[Workshop] Emerging Business models in +Energy Neighborhoods and Smart Energy Communities

syn.ikia, as many other EU projects is advancing on its mission to develop and implement new innovative technologies. But in order to reach wider scales, a market uptake of plus energy neighborhood’s and energy communities, it is necessary to create an ecosystem of business cases that successfully promote and finance their development.

This workshop in Brussels on March 13th brings together experts in the field to showcase the latest research and developments on Sustainable Plus Energy Neighborhoods/Positive Energy Neighborhoods. The event aims to create a constructive discussion on research activities from different EU projects and is open to other interested contributors and attendees.

The workshop will feature presentations from four Horizon 2020 project syn.ikia, oPEN Lab, ARV, and BEYOND.

The in person event will take place in Brussels, on Monday March 13th 2023, from 11:00 to 17:00.

In order to register, please fill in this form.

More information and full programme are available here.

For any questions, the main contact is: marthe.c.solbu@ntnu.no.

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