Missions in Norwegian - Knowledge Base Conference 2020

What’s really new about “missions”? How should Norway relate to missions as they are formulated in Horizon Europe? Which specific Norwegian missions should we tackle? You will hear more about this and more at the Research Council’s conference on the knowledge base for research and innovation policy.

Missions in research and innovation policy are about setting ambitious, measurable and time-bound goals to solve societal challenges that affect most people, and are central to the design of the EU’s new framework program, Horizon Europe. A mission-oriented research and innovation policy will stimulate the interaction between different sectors and contribute to us getting a greater effect from public investments in research and innovation.

We will also announce this year’s winner of the Innovation Award 2020 at the conference.

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Join us at 12.00 PM CEST to learn how Sustainable Plus Energy Neighbourhoods are the Norwegian way forward to achieve the “100 Climate neutral cities by 2030’  mission.

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