How to define Positive Energy Buildings? 09:00 - 10:30, 29th September 2021, virtual

The international interest in low, zero and beyond zero energy or zero emission buildings has grown. An ambitious step from zero energy buildings is the concept of Positive Energy Buildings (PEB), which are not just minimising their own carbon footprint, but also contributing to the decarbonisation of the surrounding buildings and built environment. In this scenario, a shared PEB definition is needed in order to enable the design, assessment and documentation of positive energy buildings in different contexts, climates, cultures and markets. This will enable a cost-effective, just, socially balanced and fair transition.

The PEB definition is being discussed among the three sister projects (funded under the H2020-EU. Cultural-EEXCESSsyn.ikia). They identify common points and differences through a constructive discussion around three main topics:

  • relevant aspects to be considered in the definition of a PEB
  • how those aspects are addressed
  • proposed definition of PEB and recommendations

With the aim to achieve a wider agreement on the terminology and boundaries for PEBs, the three projects want to discuss their findings with a larger group of stakeholders.

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