Community and bottom-up transitions in energy and climate change adaption, including energy communities

The production and use of energy accounts for more than 75% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions. Decarbonising existing energy generation and improving energy efficiency is critical to achieving the ambitions of the Green Deal and will need new approaches and innovative technologies.
Community and bottom-up transitions in energy and climate change adaptation involve responses by local and grassroots initiatives to address the climate crisis and sustainable energy systems. These approaches recognize the importance of local knowledge, participation, and empowerment in addressing the challenges posed by climate change. Energy communities are a unique example in this sense, introduced by the Clean Energy package, adopted by the EU in 2019. These are citizen-driven initiatives that contribute to the clean energy transition, advancing energy efficiency within local communities. Such communities organize collective energy actions that help pave the way for a clean energy transition while moving citizens to the fore. These entities also increase public acceptance of renewable energy projects and make it easier to attract private investments in the clean energy transition.

What to expect

The Green Deal Call Projects Support Office (GD-SO) organises a webinar on Community and Bottom-Up Transitions in Energy and Climate Change Adaptation. The primary objective will be to bring together projects working on the topic “Community and bottom-up transitions in energy and climate change adaptation, including energy communities”, based on feedback received from the Green Deal Call (GDC) Clean Energy Working Group members. In particular, it aims to allow the Green Deal projects to exchange views and experiences on different bottom-up approaches applied in order to reinforce the energy transition with a particular emphasis on challenges still faced in the application of these approaches. It also aims to foster synergies with other EU-funded projects and initiatives. There will also be the presence of a GDC project working on energy transition in Africa, to expand the scope of knowledge and experiences shared beyond the EU.

📅4 October 2023

⌚15:00 – 16:30 CEST


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