Austrian Climate Protection Ministry honors Austrian demo project

On October 12th, the third energy community day took place in Salzburg. In addition to the discussion on current topics such as energy price increases and gas shortages, exemplary projects were highlighted and awarded. One of these projects was the Austrian demo project GNICE.

The project is being developed as part of the EU project syn.ikia as sustainable plus energy neighbourhood. The concept development was completed in summer 2022. The project is currently in the final stages of the official procedure. What can already be said is, that the project meets the highest standards and will make a significant contribution to the achievement of the local, national and international goals.

“Climate-active energy systems, buildings and settlements ensure that communities can reduce energy consumption and become carbon neutral. The implemented examples show impressive how sustainability and economy can be thought together. At the same time, the communities are role models for companies to do the same.” said Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler.

The Gneiss project convinces on the organizational side with the cooperative planning process and the citizen participation accompanied by a sociologist. A comprehensive urban planning concept is planned, which, in addition to rental apartments and condominiums, also provides rooms for a kindergarten, a doctor and a base for social services. All buildings will be implemented to the klimaaktiv standard and in mixed construction. The energy concept provides for a relatively large PV system, which, among other things, drives the two heat pumps. A comprehensive mobility concept is also being developed.

“I warmly congratulate the awarded projects, settlements and audited e5 communities. They lay the foundation for the energy transition and encourage other communities to do the same saving energy and costs and using renewable energy sources. We need this commitment of each individual community, because they make an important contribution to climate protection, on the now important reduction in energy consumption and on achieving the goals of Climate and Energy Strategy Salzburg 2050,” said Deputy Governor Heinrich Schellhorn.

The project reached with more than 80 % the klimaaktiv silver standard for settlement and neighbourhoods.

About klimaaktiv

klimaaktiv is an initiative of the Ministry of Climate Protection (BMK). Through the development and delivery of quality standards, the training and further education of professionals, with advice, information and a large partner network klimaaktiv supplements the climate protection subsidies and regulations. With klimaaktiv, municipalities and companies have access to an Austria-wide network at their disposal that offers a variety of practical, tried and tested support and advice for municipal and operational energy efficiency measures, for the use of renewable energy and intelligent mobility. Learn more about the goals, activities and actors:


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