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Our mission is to increase the share of sustainable neighbourhoods with surplus renewable energy in different contexts, climates and markets in Europe.

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A Positive Energy Neighbourhood produces at least as much renewable energy as it uses in a year, when accounted at the source. It includes Local Storage and Energy Supply Units. Users, buildings and technical systems...

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4 Demo Neighbourhoods

Besides providing a net energy surplus, the demos will have high architectural quality, improved indoor environment compared to the 2020 nearly zero-energy buildings.

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SustainablePlusEnergy Neighbourhoods

syn.ikia aims at achieving sustainable plus energy neighbourhoods with more than 100% energy savings, 90% renewable energy generation triggered, 100% GHG emission reduction, and 10% life cycle costs reduction, compared to nZEB levels. This will be achieved while ensuring high quality indoor environment and well-being.

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Four real-life plus-energy demonstration cases tailored to the four different climatic zones and development projects of Europe will be developed and analysed within the syn.ikia project. The syn.ikia demo cases will demonstrate the functionality of the plus-energy neighbourhood concept for the rest of Europe.

  • Demo Neighbourhood Norway
  • Demo Neighbourhood The Netherlands
  • Demo Neighbourhood Austria
  • Demo Neighbourhood Spain
Ammerud, Oslo

Demo Neighbourhood Norway

The Norwegian demo case is a new development in Oslo, representing a cold climate. It has circular shape that emphasises the social issues of sustainable neighbourhoods like sharing of spaces, functions, energy, and infrastructure. As such, the project has high symbolic value in showing the importance of community issues in neighbourhood developments.

Loopkantsestraat, Uden

Demo Neighbourhood The Netherlands

The Dutch demo case is located in Loopkanstraat, Uden, a typical mid-size town in the Netherlands representing a marine climate. It includes the construction of new add-ons to existing buildings and with syn.ikia’s strategy, the neighbourhood will reach the plus energy standards. This can be replicated in similar neighbourhoods in the Netherlands and other comparable…

Gneis, Salzburg

Demo Neighbourhood Austria

New built and renovation of social housing blocks, apartments and kindergarten in an existing neighbourhood representative of the continental climate in Austria.

Fondo, Santa Coloma de Gramenet

Demo Neighbourhood Spain

The Spanish demo case is a new development in Fondo, a neighbourhood in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, a city close to Barcelona representing a typical Mediterranean climate. The development is a typical infill project in a dense urban area,with squares of multi-storey apartment blocks. This context is common in many European cities.

17 December 2021

Newsletter – winter edition 2021

It is the time of the year for reflection and future casting, that is planning ahead and taking the steps to make the vision -in...

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1 December 2021

Symbolic handover marks topping out of Loopkantstraat apartments in Uden

The construction of 39 apartments located at Loopkantstraat in Uden has reached its highest point. On Friday, 24 September, former site residents Bart Hendriks and...

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